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Friday, August 5, 2011

Can Wenger make up his mind over Nasri ?

I’m not counting on anything or anyone until the transfer window is over and with good cause. It is now being reported that Nasri will be allowed to join Manchester City for £20 million.

According to TalkSport Radio Arsenal are now willing to listen to offers. They report: “the Arsenal manager has had a change of heart and will decide to flog Nasri this summer in order to get a transfer fee back for him. Roberto Mancini is set to make a £20m bid for the 24-year-old this week and Arsenal are ready to listen to the offer as they prepare for Nasri’s exit.”

I wonder if Wenger and the Arsenal management are changing their mind on a whim or if they are following some kind of plan? It certainly does seem like they are making it all up as they go along.

Don’t get me wrong £20 million for a player that only has one year left on his contract would be a great deal for Arsenal. But only if they put the money to good use and use it to buy a replacement midfielder. What is the point of putting the money in the bank and not investing in the squad?

The draw with Udinese sandwiched between matches against Liverpool and Manchester United show the need for a strong squad that can cope with a full and intense fixtures program.

The flip-flopping decision making about the future of Nasri is bad enough. I just hope it doesn’t get worse by leaving a sale to the last moment preventing us from brining in a replacement.

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