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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ex-Arsenal Player Say Break Wage Structure And Buy Experience

After Arsenal’s successful qualification for the group stages of the Champions League several ex-Gunners are weighing in with their opinions on Arsenal’s future. The consensus is generally that Arsenal need to shell out and bring in some experience to go with the young talent they already have.

Bob Wilson told Talk Sport Radio that they should bring an experienced player who knows the ropes of the Premier League. He said: “There’s a lot of wonderful young talent at Arsenal but I would like to see someone like Scott Parker come in. You’re not going to get masses of years out of him but what that emerging talent needs is a wise head and someone who’s seen it and done it. And he’d be a snippet with regards the Fabregas and Nasri fees.”

Meanwhile former midfielder Graham Rix pointed to the fact that Arsenal are in danger of becoming a feeder club since they can’t compete with the other top sides when it comes to player wages. He told TalkSport: “The problem they are having now is the players they are producing are not going to be paid enough to remain at Arsenal.”

He continued: “Despite all the great players you are going to produce, when they are at their peak they are going to leave and play for another top club.”

The latest news is that Arsenal want to sign M’Villa who at 21 doesn’t really fit the experienced player that is mind of many. On the other hand he is an international and a defensive midfielder so many will be glad it’s at least the right kind of player. Arsenal fans can only hope that Wenger listens to ex-players and brings in some experience.

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