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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scum Barton gets Gervinho sent off

The scum of English football that is Joey Barton has managed to get another Arsenal player sent off today.

He spoiled Gervinho's debut by picking up a fight with him and then rolling over like a little girl when he was gently slapped by the Ivorian.

Barton got Diaby sent off last season and he reminded us today why he is one of the most hated footballers of English football's history.

I cannot believe that some fans would want him anywhere close to our club. That is why is he has been made available by his club and despite his agent claiming that "he has been inundated with offers", he is still at Newcastle.

It really spoiled what was a brave effort by the team today. I was expecting us to be less concentrated, bearing in mind the speculation surrounding the departure of our two best players.

But even if the players were not brilliant and lacked that creative edge, they were serious and professional enough.

Should we make the necessary additions before the end of the transfer window, we might find ourselves to be a lot better than people expect this season.

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