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Friday, August 5, 2011

Wenger – I love you Cesc, Please don’t go!

What on Earth is going on with Arsene Wenger and Cesc Fabregas? It seemed like it was a business relationship that went wrong, but now it is turning into a soap opera.

Arsene Wenger took Cesc Fabregas away from Pep Guardiola (his first love) and tried to persuade him that his life would be better in London at Arsenal, but Wenger hasn’t delivered the trophies and accolades promised when he jilted Pep.

Now Fabregas realises he made a big mistake and wants to return to his first love, and is even willing to leave Wenger with the house, the car, the empty trophy room and everything, but Wenger is hanging onto his coat-tails and pleading with him to stay.

Wenger said today (and I can’t believe this saga has sunk so low): “I love Fabregas and I want him to stay, that is basically it.

“Everybody is free to think what they want. We cannot stop people raising questions.”

I am flabbergasted! It is so blatantly obvious the Fabregas has no intention of living with Wenger any longer, and he has refused to travel to Portugal to play Benfica.

Wenger is now coming out with ridiculous statements like: “He is just coming back from injury and is not ready to play in a game. But he is not injured.”

“I do not want to speak about the transfer of Fabregas because I have done that three years now in every press conference so I don’t think there is any more need to add something.

For Christ’s sake Wenger, just get over it! Fabregas will never again share your life. Let him move back to the lover that promised him the trophies he desired, and he wants to go back and get them before its too late!

You may love Fabregas, but his heart has been won by another…..

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